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Vio home video monitoring ensures safety is in the eye of the beholder —that’s you.

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24/7 Access from Anywhere

Instantly see what matters most with the tap of a button. Vio home security monitoring gives you a bird’s-eye view of your house day or night, at home or away.

Live Streaming Video

Vio video monitoring’s wireless setup provides a platform to check on cameras stationed throughout your home. Use your cameras as a video baby monitor, or a way to keep track of your kids when they get home from school. Check on the garage or front door with just one glance.

What’s more, seamless mobile access allows you to view your camera’s live video feed whether you’re across town at work or across the ocean on vacation. Vio video monitoring also offers:

  • HD quality and exceptional lowlight performance
  • Integration with your Vio security system
  • Simultaneous view of multiple locations on one screen

Video Alerts

More intuitive than traditional monitored home security systems, Vio video monitoring connects with your security system to send you alerts via text or email if activity is detected, and also alerts Vio monitoring agents of emergency situations.

The highly sensitive, motion-activated camera system will alert you to prowlers, packages, and puppy shenanigans alike, not to mention enable you to set custom motion triggers for specific events:

  • Cars pulling into the driveway
  • Tripped alarms
  • The front or back door opening
  • Motion detected where it shouldn’t be
  • Package deliveries

Continuous Recording

Vio enhances your video monitoring service with Stream Video Recorder (SVR), a continuous recording solution. With cloud-based streaming and video clip access, you’ll have a round-the-clock live stream of your security cameras that you can tap into from anywhere.

Optimized to weigh lightly on your internet bandwidth, Vio video monitoring doesn’t compromise your connection or create lag. Other features include:

  • 24/7 video recording
  • Remote access and viewing
  • HD capture

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Vio monitored camera supports up to five simultaneous viewers.

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