Which Prized Possession Do Thieves Snatch the Most in Your State?

If You Got Robbed, Here’s How Likely You’ll Recover it

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, the team at Vio Security got thinking about porch pirates and stolen goods. This made us wonder: which items are stolen the most often in each state? And which states have the best (and worst) theft recovery rates?

Cars, electronics, and money cropped up as usual missing items (with money being the most stolen item), but as it turns out, thieves steal a lot more than just Amazon orders, Hondas, and Benjamins. In certain states, livestock, garden equipment, and booze may be the most sought-out goodies.

Read on to see which prized possession criminals go for the most in your home state—and how likely you are to recover that prized possession.

  • Money is the most commonly-stolen commodity in the US.
  • New Hampshire boasted the highest theft recovery rate: a whopping 97%.
  • The majority of thefts happen in parking lots and garages in Florida and Colorado. In Indiana and Maryland, most thefts were reported in alleys and on sidewalks, streets, and highways.
  • The lion’s share of thefts in Alabama occur in residences and homes.
  • In Nevada, the most commonly-stolen item is a firearm. Luckily, though, it’s also the most recovered item in the Silver State.
  • People in Massachusetts get looted more than any people in any other state. Folks in Hawaii and Idaho are much more lucky—both states report the least amount of thefts.
  • On the whole, only 28% of all stolen items listed are recovered. That amounts to $10,377,721,834 in losses each year.
  • Currency (checks, coins, etc.) and notes are least likely of any item to be covered (2%). $1,591,659,311 in currency alone is lost each year.
  • At a recovery rate of 59%, locally stolen motor vehicles are recovered the most of any stolen item. Despite its high recovery though, that still accounts for $2,372,926,807 in losses each year. With that amount of money, you could buy 66,943 cars worth $35,500 each.
  • The home is where the heart is—but it’s also where the most thefts happen. An average of 26,619 reports of home thefts occur per year, meanwhile only two thefts are reported annually on Tribals Lands.
  • On average, the majority of thieves are men (385,792,469). Only 20,794,272 thieves identified as women. According to the Cargo Theft list, an item was 95% less likely to be stolen by a woman.
  • The median age of thieves is 26. In one year, thieves stole $258,951,200 worth of goods.


We analyzed the 2018 Crime in the US report’s Table 24 data to determine the most stolen item in each state. To determine the most recovered item in each state, we looked at 2018 Cargo Theft data. Note: not every state had individual data on theft (sixteen states didn’t), so we focused only on the states with available data.

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