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Vio Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm monitoring—so hot right now.

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Get Your Family to Safety Fast

Good for renters and homeowners alike, an advanced Vio fire alarm system consists of a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and heat alarm. Each piece of your system works in conjunction to monitor your home for fire danger, and to warn you of it.

Don’t just protect your losses—protect your home before the danger is real.

Fight Fire with Features

The Right Equipment

Your Vio fire alarm system provides devices equipped with advanced monitoring technology, so you can trust that your system will sense any danger before you see it.

24/7 Monitoring

Vio provides professional monitoring by highly trained agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not a second goes by that your home isn’t looked after.

Instant Notifications

If a detector is tripped, your fire alarm system sends you a notification through your control panel or mobile app. If something is amiss at home, you’ll know about it at once.

Instant Notifications

Say a smoke, carbon monoxide, or heat detector triggers, but you’re not home or don’t hear the high frequency alarm. How will you know about it? Simple. Your Vio system sends you a notification the instant it registers the tripped alarm. Whether you’re relaxing in bed or on a business trip a thousand miles away, you’ll be alerted to danger through Vio’s smart hub panel or mobile app.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Vio could save you money every month? Some insurance policies give you a discount when you install a security system. Check with your provider to see if your Vio security and fire alarm system will secure savings for you!

Vio Home Fire Alarm Equipment

Smoke Detector

Where there’s smoke, there’s safety at hand.

Sense it before you smell it—your Vio smoke detector certainly will. Vio’s advanced detector catches any hint of smoke that may indicate a fire or smoke-related emergency. It’s equipped with photoelectric smoke sensing technology and  a high-pitched alarm to alert you of the danger, so you can get in touch with emergency responders and get out of the house with time to spare. The smoke detector acts as the first line of defense in an all-encompassing system that keeps your home cool and your daily life calm.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Prevent deadly sneak attacks.

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is all too real for carbon monoxide—an invisible, scentless, highly toxic gas that can leak into your home without your knowledge. Fortunately, there’s a way to safeguard against this silent threat when you install a carbon monoxide detector, which picks up traces of CO. Once detected, your device emits a piercing alarm that will wake even the deepest sleepers and warn you of the danger immediately, giving you more time to get yourself and your loved ones out of the house. It also notifies Vio monitoring agents to dispatch emergency personnel.

Heat Alarm

Don’t get burned when the heat is rising.

The Vio heat alarm detects significant changes in temperature that may signal a fire. This could prove invaluable if a fire is trapped where smoke cannot escape, such as behind walls or closed doors. If temperatures increase enough to trigger the heat alarm, Vio monitoring agents are notified to assess the situation and send first responders if necessary. Rising temperatures may also indicate a disruption to your home cooling system or a power outage, and can lead to home damage or  health hazards such as heat stroke.

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